Gary Sherer, Pianist Extraordinaire
Performing Thursday–Saturday from 7:00pm

Gary’s main instrument is the clarinet but he soon found (at ten years old) that just about any instrument he grabbed he was able to play. When he was a junior in high school, he accompanied Bobby Darin on Bobby’s summer tour playing the saxophone. Gary plays piano, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, drums and of course, he sings as well! Gary has played music for a living since he graduated from high school. He arranges all of his music himself. Gary has played at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills for the past ten years but is now performing Thursday–Saturday from 8 pm in the new Gar Bar of The Stinking Rose Beverly Hills.

The newly remodeled Gar Bar at The Stinking Rose is the perfect setting for the many talents of Gary Sherer. Settle into a cozy booth or find a seat at the bar and enjoy an evening of pure entertainment. Standards and pop songs plus everything you love about the intimacy of the piano man and his music is the perfect way to begin or end an evening.

"I have never seen a more versatile musician
and singer than you!" – Frankie Avalon


Cick here to watch a video of Gary performing.

The glowing testimonials for Gary’s talent include:

"How are we gonna let the world know about your talent?" - Stevie Wonder

"Gary, you are very blessed with natural talent." - Milton Berle

"You're the man Gary, nobody in the world does what you do!" - Lionel Richie

"Coming from a clarinet player, Gary you are amazing!" - Sid Caesar

"This guy is amazing!" - Eddie Murphy

"I've been in the banquette room for the last several hours. Was that you playing all those different instruments? You are phenomenal!" - President Clinton

"Gary, you are something else." - Diana Ross

"You're something else!" - Joe Pesci

"Thanks Gary! You made my party!" - Barbra Streisand and James Brolin

When Gary played for Henny Youngman’s memorial at the Friars Club, Red Buttons stood up and said, “All you musicians out there may as well burn your union cards, Gary plays everything.” - Red Buttons

"I've heard a lot of musicians, singers, but Gary is the best!" - Rick Dees

"As a former saxophone player in the big bands, I have never come across a person with so much talent! That's why I have him play at my Christmas party every year!" - Lee Iacocca

"Amazing, just amazing!" - Slash (Guns N' Roses)

"Mr. Talent, and you're a nice guy too." - Jon Voight